Japanese-style Custom Crop Marks for InDesign
日本語は下にあります。(Japanese text below.)

I replicated crop marks settings as same as Japanese edition InDesign does, so other language edition InDesign user can make PDF with complete Japanese-style crop marks.


2015/11/09 Slightly modified.

Download the JPtombo.txt file and rename file extension to JPtombo.mrk.

Put the .mrk file inside the PrintSpt folder.
Location of the folder:
Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/PrintSpt
Win: \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\PrintSpt
InDesign Server does not create it, but the .mrk file works in the manually created PrintSpt folder.

And you can select "JPtombo" from type of crop marks. (This is Export PDF dialog box).
Note: when you make new document or export as a PDF, choose 3mm bleed settings.


I made the file based on Dorothy Lindman's mrk files from here. Thank you!

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